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Lockdown & Unity

In July 2021 we hosted 2 exhibitions in the main space at Fronteer Gallery; 'Lockdown' & 'Unity'.

Unity is an exhibition of work celebrating coming back together after divisions caused by Coronavirus. There has been so much tragedy and loneliness during the pandemic, but this exhibition celebrates our collective sense of community and coming together.

Lockdown is an exhibition of work made by artists during lockdown. Aiming to provide an opportunity for artists to exhibit in physical exhibition spaces again, Lockdown began as an open-call to artists across the UK for work of any theme, discipline or style. The result is a diverse exhibition of over 25 artists.

Together, 'Lockdown' and 'Unity' showcase how artists have continued to adapt, develop and create new work during the coronavirus pandemic.

We would like to thank all of the artists involved, and to all our visitors.

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