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Fronteer’s founders Michael Borkowsky and Sharon Borkowsky have been collaborating on exhibitions, events and open calls since 2014. They aim to provide an inclusive and supportive exhibition platform for all artists, and they also aim to establish regular events and workshops.

From October 2020 Fronteer have run their own gallery in the heart of Sheffield, which seeks to provide a full programme of events, exhibitions and opportunities. As artists themselves they also have a studio at Exchange Place Studios, just around the corner from their gallery.  

Fronteer Mission Statement

Fronteer aim to bring exhibition opportunities to artists from all backgrounds. They understand that artists cannot always afford to waste money applying for exhibitions that they may not be accepted for, and therefore aim to provide a range of opportunities to suit all situations.


Fronteer understand that exhibition opportunities are important for artists, not just to get work shown, but also to meet other artists and introduce their work to new audiences. Therefore, Fronteer exhibitions aim to provide networking opportunities for artists, as well as opening evenings or similar events, where Fronteer endeavour to invite a guest list of notable visitors.


Fronteer understand that exposure from an exhibition is valuable, and always push for press attention as well as promoting the event through other channels, such as social media.


Fronteer work with a range of venues. This allows Fronteer to adjust costs, and supply exhibition spaces that different artists can feel comfortable with.


Fronteer are keen to inspire, help and support artists who have never exhibited before, and help them to have the confidence to take part in exhibitions. They are always happy to offer advice where possible.


Fronteer like to support the artists they have worked with, and where possible are always happy to follow up on what artists have achieved, and support them in their future endeavours. They aim to be a steeping stone for artists as they build their careers. Fronteer aim to be approachable, open and straightforward in their dealings with artists, and do not want to feel impenetrable as an organisation.


Fronteer love their home city of Sheffield, and work towards establishing an annual art prize for the city, which will become part of the annual series of events. Their exhibitions bring together artists from other cities, introducing Sheffield based artists to a new audience, and new people to the city.

About Michael Borkowsky

Michael Borkowsky is a Sheffield based artist working with scent based media as well as painting. Michael's own website is

About Sharon Borkowsky

Sharon Borkowsky is a UK based Artist, primarily working in Contemporary Art Cross-stitch and painting.
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