Fronteer Independent Art Fair 2022

We are delighted to announce that we will be running the inaugural Fronteer Independent Art Fair at Contemporary Art Space Chester (CASC) from 26th - 29th August 2022. 

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About Fronteer Independent Art Fair

***While the deadline for applications has technically passed, you can still apply to be put on our waiting list. Deadline for waiting list applications is 1st August***

Fronteer Independent Art Fair will be exhibition focused; containing a collection of contemporary art exhibitions from a range of UK based artists or art groups in their own allocated space. As such, the art fair is a great opportunity to stage small scale solo or group exhibitions. You could even run your own open call opportunity within your allocated space, if you wanted to.

Each artist, or artist group, will receive allocated wall space measuring 4m across and 2.3m high, as well as floor space for the likes of tables and plinths. Each exhibition will be promoted individually and listed on our website. We will host a Private View event on the first day of the show and the money from any sales you make throughout the art fair will be 100% yours. 


The art fair runs over the August bank holiday and takes place in the heart of Chester; opposite the cathedral. This, combined with our extensive marketing and promotion, will ensure plenty of visitors. As well as visitors, the art fair will give you a fantastic chance to meet new artists, network, instigate collaborations and receive support and exhibition feedback, if you want it. Fronteer's Michael and Sharon will be on hand throughout the art fair - both to staff the overall space, welcome visitors and provide any help and support you need. 

The fee for successful applications will be £250, plus a £20 refundable deposit. As ever we try to make our fees as fair as possible while still being sustainable for us, and we hope you'll agree that what we provide represents good value for money. And think of this - if there's a group of you applying for one space, the cost could be spread across all the artists involved. (so a group of 5 artists would only pay £50 each if the cost is spread evenly between them, for example). Unsuccessful applications will not have to pay a fee. 

About CASC


As mentioned Fronteer Independent Art Fair will take place as Contemporary Art Space Chester (CASC), located in the Forum Shopping Centre in the heart of Chester. CASC is run by the University of Chester, and hosts a series of exhibitions by students, post graduates and alumni. Fronteer's Michael and Sharon are themselves graduates of the University of Chester. 


CASC is located near several car parks and Forum Shopping Centre is accessible via several entrances. CASC is a 20 minute walk from Chester Train Station and is secured overnight. A former Supermarket, CASC is light, accessible over one floor and offers plenty of space. Here are some images of the space: 

How to Apply to the Fronteer Independent Art Fair waiting list

We accept applications from all artists or artist groups at any stage of their career. We're looking forward to seeing your exhibition proposals! 


If you would like to apply a different way, or if you have any questions, feel free to email