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Fronteer Independent Art Fair 2022

The inaugural Fronteer Independent Art Fair at ran at Contemporary Art Space Chester (CASC) from 26th - 29th August 2022. 

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About Fronteer Independent Art Fair

Fronteer Independent Art Fair featured over 25 small scale exhibitions from artists or art groups across the UK, and aimed to provide an exhibition platform for a variety of artists from all stages of their career: A true celebration of the UK art scene. 

The art fair ran over August bank holiday 2022 and took place in the heart of Chester. The art fair featured exhibitions, performances and talks throughout the weekend. 

About CASC Gallery


Fronteer Independent Art Fair took place as Contemporary Art Space Chester (CASC), located in the Forum Shopping Centre in the heart of Chester. CASC is run by the University of Chester, and hosts a series of exhibitions by students, post graduates and alumni. Fronteer's Michael and Sharon are themselves graduates of the University of Chester.

Meet the Artists 

Fronteer Independent Art Fair will feature 28 exhibitors, each delivering their own small scale exhibition. The exhibitors are as follows: 

Ali Kippax

Expressive landscape painter based in Cheshire, inspired by land & sea. 




An international art community providing opportunities and fair payment for artists.


Chris Relph Smith

A painter fascinated with the elemental outdoors.

Website | Instagram

Denise Startin

Artist, writer and researcher working across printmaking, photography & installation

Website | Instagram

Julie Lawrence

Contemporary landscape painter working with themes of identity, place & liminality.

Website | Instagram

Louisa Boyd

A multidisciplinary artist considering our attachment to the environment. 

Website | Instagram

harris-mark-ceramicon 38 .JPG

Mark Harris

A ceramist working intuitively with the images that flash up in his imagination.


Rachael Addis

An artist taking inspiration from living in ASIA to create impulsive, repetitive imagery

Website | Instagram

Coming-Through hq.png

Siusan Patterson

An artist looking at femininity and women's rights through bold figurative painting

Website | Instagram


Tricia Crowther

Contemporary abstract artist currently based in Shrewsbury. 


VINCENT PATTERSON hep6_edited.jpg

Alison and Vincent Patterson

Interdisciplinary artists  exploring found and reappropriated imagery.

Alison's website | Vincent's website

Mad World.jpg

Brigitte Watkinson

A multidisciplinary artist fascinated with the notion of the continuous. 

Website | Instagram

david Kereszteny Lewis 1.jpg

David Kereszteny Lewis & Jon Clayton

Two Cheshire based artists and teachers both exploring landscape. 

David's Instagram | Jon's website


Fabio Ferri

A musician, composer and mathematician based in Bristol.

Website | Instagram


Kirsten Todd

Lancashire based intuitive artist looking at expressionist portraits and abstracts.

website | Instagram

01CC20E3-1E28-4BF5-A71D-847B18FCEEAE - Marcin Szuba.jpeg

Marcin Szuba

A figurative painter inspired by the places he has visited or feel connected to. 

Website | Instagram

Mark Munroe-Preston

An artist creating 'Treescapes'; digital montages on brushed aluminium. 

Website | Instagram


Rezwana Sarkar

Artist working with printmaking and painting, inspired by a sense of place. 

Website | Instagram

Cynthia Harrison Orr _cynthiaharrisonorr.jpeg

Studio 22

An artist collective brought together by the Royal Drawing School's development year

Website | Instagram


Alistair Tucker

Artist and teacher using landscape pictures in response to elemental forces. 



Cat Acorns

A painter that uses flowers to depict facets of her own life. 


557605CE-32D7-4494-AA90-4C0E02A3D0FB - Dee Walker.jpeg

Dee Walker

A painter contemplating life experiences through abstract mark making. 

Website | Instagram



An arts initiative from Sheffield based artists Michael Borkowsky and Sharon Borkowsky. 

Website | Instagram

Laura Scull_edited.jpg

Laura Scull

A painter utilising a limited pallet and a process called subtraction

Website | Instagram

4 King Street Backs 61 x 61 cm-1.jpg

Mark Hancock

An artist exhibiting atmospheric paintings depicting a lonely city. 




A collective of 4 artists inspired by the everyday, nature and landscape. 

Website | Instagram

3 synaptic trees 4ft x 3ft 4inches_edited.jpg

Robbie Stocker

An artist utilising painting, photography and digital imagery to depict life experiences. 

833A1AE0-E5A9-4DA1-AAD4-B5075683408F - Amy Oliver_edited.jpg

The House of Smalls

An artist using dollhouses to run small scale open-call exhibitions

Website | Instagram

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