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Sharon Borkowsky

Sharon Borkowsky is a co-director of Fronteer Gallery, along with her husband Michael Borkowsky.

Sharon Borkowsky as an Artist

Sharon Borkowsky is a British artist making work about death. Her work is influenced by history, religion and medicine. Working prominently with textiles and painting, her work draws inspiration from religious imagery and Ancient Greek mythology.


Sharon is also part of the artist collective Oracle's, as well as exhibiting her work solo. Until 2018 Sharon worked under the name Sharon Mossbeck.


Although her work is about death, it is perhaps better understood as a journey through life towards an inevitable ending. Her work questions beliefs both religious and secular.


Sharon's painting work is largely influenced by religious iconography and her painting are often allegorical. Her textiles work draws inspiration from ancient cultures, and a large body of this work involved labyrinth patterns, representing the journey through life.


Follow Sharon on Instagram to keep up with her latest work. @SharonBorkowsky


Instagram @sharonborkowsky

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