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During exhibitions Fronteer Gallery is open 11-4 Tuesday - Thursday and 2-5 Saturday. Our full address is Fronteer Gallery, Unit 4, Orchard Square, Sheffield S1 2FB. 

During each exhibition we update this Instagram page with each individual work. 


Current Exhibitions

A Blanket of Stars

Fronteer Gallery | Until 11th July 2024

A Blanket of Stars sees over 30 UK artists respond to the theme of stars, space and the cosmos.


Exhibiting artists: 

Adrian Scott, Alicia Flanagan, Angela Fox, Ben Snowden, Cat Brierley, Ellen Barratt, Emma Minnett, Isobel Letham, Janet Harris, Janet Johnson, Jim Dethick, Keer Zhang, Kesnia Semirova, Lewis Andrews, Louise Wiseman, Miriam Hemmingway, Murniah Skinner, Oliver Hanney, Pawel Libera, Rosalind Cusack, Roy Best, RW Taylor, Sal Jones, Shelley Faye Lazar, Simon Rycroft, Stevie Ronnie, Sue Bull, Tristan Felix, Will Haywood, Zan Wang

stars eflyer.png


Day & Night

Fronteer Gallery | Until 11th July 2024

Day & Night sees over 25 UK artists respond to the theme of day and night through small scale, postcard sized work. 

Exhibiting artists: 

Amy Bucki, Anna Dymond, Ben Bucki, Dee Elegia, Emma Minnett, Felicity Whittaker, Gaby Spencer, Garance Bray, Gareth Bunting, Glesni Lewis, James Moran, Jane Walker, Janet Harris, Liss Flanagan, Louise Halpern, Louise Wiseman, Lydia Riley, Olga Regina, RW Taylor, Sue Bull, Susan Hart, Vic Jay, Zan Wang.

Day and Night eflyer.png
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