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Advice For Artists

Applying for Open Call Opportunities


When applying for one of our open call opportunities, you should consider the following.

Have you carefully read the open call opportunity? Can you commit to the important dates? Are you happy to pay the entry fee if applicable?

If the answer to all of this is yes, then consider the following.

How many pieces of work are you allowed to submit?

Fronteer receive a high number of applications for each open call, and will instantly reject someone who has not stuck to the information in the application process without prior conversation. 

Does your work fit within the size limitations and style of work requested?

If you unsure about your work, please contact us an ask. Remember, the size of the work includes frames, mounts etc. so make sure these are included in the application.

Do your images illustrate your work in the best possible way?

You only get one chance to make a first impression, so make sure your photos make your submission clear. Close ups of your work are fine as part of the application, but be sure to show the work in its entirety.

If applicable, do your photographs meet the specification outlined?

There are usually good reasons why we ask for particular photograph specifications. If we cannot open images, or they or not the quality we asked for, then your application may be rejected.

Is your submission clear enough?

Remember, we don't know your work, so make everything as clear as possible when applying. Think about making clear what exactly your work is. If it is unusual, how does it hang or stand and will you be providing us with extra information about how exactly to exhibit it (such as a diagram or photograph)?

The finish

Is your work framed? Should it be pinned onto a wall? Does it come with a shelf? Make everything clear.

Statement or written information

Have you kept to the requested word count? 

Is it for me?

One of the most important questions you should ask yourself is "is this exhibition for me?" Knowing where your work should be exhibited and if an exhibition is suitable for you is always something you should consider.


Clear and concise information is important. You may want to consider using your own heading and bullet points to keep your application clear and on track.

Of course, even with all of these things considered, you may still not be selected for an exhibition. Don't let this put you off! There could be any number of reasons, such curatorial decisions about which works would sit well next to one another in the exhibition.

We offer a range of exhibition opportunities for artists, so please keep an eye out for future opportunities which may be suitable for you.

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