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City Lines

In June we are planning to host our second solo exhibition at Fronteer Gallery; City Lines by artist Jane Walker. Here's a taster of what to expect from the exhibition, with words from Jane herself: "I make 2-D work with lines. I am experimenting with changing the speed the lines are made at and altering the energy in the lines. By doing this I am defining my handwriting and in a sense myself as an individual. I have 2 types of line, the first is drawn with a crayon which is then traced over with different thicknesses of white painted lines. The tracing makes these lines slow. The second type are much quicker lines scratched through thick paint, these are more about sensing change. Change in an urban space from open to closed, liquid to gas, or change in direction of movement."

We plan to run 'City Lines' from 8th - 11th June at Fronteer Gallery, pending any Government restrictions due to coronavirus.

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